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As a community-based think-tank, UDCK promotes basic investigation, analysis and research towards a new urban image and future of community building through collaboration and dialogue with universities, private corporations and residents. Furthermore, at UDCK, we constantly set our goals on actual practice and tie our research back to community initiatives, plans and strategies in the Kashiwa-no-ha region.

UDCK Machizukuri School


The Machizukuri School is a school open to the city's residents with the aim of fostering new community-building leaders. The school invites leading researchers and practitioners in the field for lectures based on various community building themes implemented in the Kashiwa-no-ha region. It offers practice-based learning on theories and leading projects in the field as well as a place for everybody to come together and think about the future of community building and the region.

Chiba University Kashiwa-no-ha College Link Program


The College Link Program is a program based on the theme of sustainable design, in which residents and universities mutually learn from one another through the perspectives of food, health, and the environment. The Kashiwa-no-ha College Link Network, Inc. (Colnet) was established by the program's graduates as a means of engaging in the resolution of community issues; the organization's scope of activities currently continue to expand.

Urban Design Studio


The Urban Design Studio is a graduate studio program jointly conducted by the University of Tokyo, Chiba University, Tokyo University of Science and the University of Tsukuba. Inviting a number of researchers and practitioners as lecturers, in the studio, the students propose a future image for the Kashiwa-no-ha area through open discussions with the government, private corporations, and local residents. Some of the proposals have been implemented within the region as student projects or as UDCK projects.

Urban Design Center Research


Urban Design Center (UDC) is defined as new community-building organizations and hubs that go beyond the conventional framework of administrative urban design and community building; in UDC, various local community groups collaborate with one another, while urban design professionals also take part from an objective standpoint. Empirical research on UDCs are being conducted in conjunction with developing a network throughout the country.

■UDCK(Kashiwa, CHIBA 2006.11)
■UDCT(Tamura, FUKUSHIMA 2008.8)
■UDCKo(Kohriyama, FUKUSHIMA 2008.11)
■UDCY(Yokohama, KANAGAWA 2008.4)
■UDCIC(Fukuoka, FUKUOKA 2012.10)
■UDCN(Yokohama, KANAGAWA 2014.3)
■UDCM(Matsuyama, EHIME 2014.4)
■UDCQ(Fukuoka, FUKUOKA 2007.3)
Kyushu University Ito Campus HP
■UDC2(Kashiwa, CHIBA 2015.4)

Research on Urban Structure and Mobility Design

We are currently conducting investigation & research on proposals/policies for a Kashiwa-no-ha Transportation Strategy, through the collaboration of universities, the government and private corporations, as a means of promoting TOD-based community building fit to the Kashiwa-no-ha area's transportation challenges.

Area Management Research

We also research autonomous local management efforts developed throughout the nation, and conduct discussions on the topic of sustainable management in Kashiwa-no-ha's future, beyond the individual spheres of the government, private corporations, and universities.

Other Major Research Projects

Population Analysis and Urban Development in an Aging Society
Mobile Space Statistics
Community Grid Research
University-Community Cooperative Research