The current third facility moved to the first floor of the University of Tokyo Kashiwa-no-ha Campus Station Satellite in April of 2014. Although it is not an independent, detached building like the first and second facilities, it still contains an open deck, lounge, office and information services common to the first and second facilities.


Information desk
The information desk conducts registration for testers interested in participating in the various demonstration tests and has an assortment of pamphlets containing local information.

Lounge/Open Deck
Various activities such as Kashiwa-no-ha community building meetings and workshops are conducted in these areas. An aerial photograph of the Kashiwa-no-ha area and digital signage are permanently installed in this area to communicate what the city looks like today as well as the various community building activities implemented in the area. The space is open to the public for meetings or reading library material at all times, other than when occupied by UDCK staff.