Management System


UDCK is a voluntary organization managed collectively by seven constituents from the public, private and academic sectors*. Members are selected from them for a "Steering committee" which decides on basic issues related to management (its chairman also serves as the President of the center). Expenses for facilities and goods, labor costs for management, and activity expenses are shared by these bodies.
For practical operations, an "Administrative structure" is set up with the members selected from constituents as well as the members of "Cooperative bodies" (relevant public organizations and specialized institutions). President, Deputy President, and Directors who are responsible for implementation of projects, along with other members, plan and coordinate various projects conducted in Kashiwanoha area, with sharing information closely.


* In December 2011, Kashiwa-no-ha Urban Design Center (general incorporated organization) (Atsushi Deguchi as the representative director) has been established, in addition to the voluntary organization UDCK. The Urban Design Center performs business related to contracts, which cannot be done by a voluntary organization, and supports the activities of the voluntary organization with implementing independent projects.